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Eyelevel Finder
All the Eyelevel Finders fit all the Praktina cameras.

Type 1

Type 1A

Type 1B

Type 2

Type 2A

Type 2B

Type 1: the front is covered by leather. The type 1A has the mark "Germany" on the back; in the type 1B this mark is missing.
Type 2: "KW" logo on the front. The type 2A has the eyepiece collar with thread and bayonet mount, the type 2B has a notch to fix some accessories.

Waist-level Finder
All the Waist-level Finders fit all the Praktina cameras.

Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

Type 1: three blocks on the front and solid bottom back
Type 2: three blocks on the front and empty bottom back
Type 3: one block on the front and empty bottom back

Meter Finder
This finder can not be mounted on the Praktina IIA model A Version 4, Praktina IIA model DA Version 2 and Porst reflex.

Front view with opened cover

Front view with closed cover

Type 1
working range from f/2 1/2" to
f/11 1/1000 at ASA 100/21 DIN

Type 2
working range from f/2 1/8" to
f/22 1/1000 at ASA 100/21 DIN

Type 1: Set ASA=100 and Index to 1; at 1" the f value is = 2.8
Type 2: Set ASA=100 and Index to 1; at 1" the f value is = 5.6

High-magnification Finder
This finder for macro photography provides a full frame image with 6x magnification and fits all the Praktina cameras.

Focusing Screens
Available in six different types:
• matte
• matte with split-image rangefinder
• matte with vertical and horizontal lines
• matte with cross air in clear glass centre circle
• matte with cross centre lines with millimetre scales
• clear glass with cross centre vertical and horizontal lines

Right-Angle Viewing Attachment
The Right-Angle Viewing Attachment fits the Eyelevel Finder Type 2B and the Meter Finder.


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