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Praktina renamed

Camera Name: CORBINA
Different Versions: with specifications as Praktina FX models M, SA1 and SA2
Availability: c. 1954-55
Estimated Production: unknown

This camera has the name CORBINA stamped on the front. Available for the USA Market.

Hexacon Supreme
Availability: 1956
Estimated Production: unknown
Normal Lens: C.Z.Jena 1:2 F=58mm (no name, pre-set lens)
Finder: Eyelevel Finder and Matt Screen
Price: Body with Eyelevel Finder and pre-set C.Z.Jena 2/58 mm  US$ 139.50

This camera is a Praktina FX-SA1 with the label "HEXACON SUPREME" attached to the front. This camera was available on the USA market from Peerless, New York.

Porst reflex
Camera Name: PORST reflex
Availability: c. 1963-1964
Estimated Production: unknown
Normal Lenses: ASB T(essar) 2.8/50
Standard finder: Eyelevel Finder and Matt Screen
Price: Body with Eyelevel Finder with automatic T(essar) 2.8/50  DM 210

This camera is a Praktina IIA-A with the label "PORST Reflex" attached to the front. The camera has an additional flash shoe on the top cover and a camera back with a covering without the KW logo. The fitting of Eyelevel Finder with Meter is not allowed owing to the flash shoe. The flash shoe and the different covering on the camera back remove any reference mark of the KW manufacturer. This model was available for a short period on the German Market from Porst, Nürnberg.

Texographie T 2
Camera Name: TEXOGRAPHIE T 2
Availability: unknown
Estimated Production: unknown
Normal Lenses: Enna Lithagon 3.5/35 (BV) or Isco Westron 2.8/35 (BV)
Finder: Waist-level Finder and matte focusing screen with cross air in clear glass centre circle

This camera is a Praktina IIA-DA with the label "Texographie T 2" attached to the front.


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