Pre-production Praktina FX

The prototype presented in 1952 was modified and improved. The three single-pole flash connectors were replaced by two coaxial PC connectors, the name was changed from "Praktina" to "Praktina FX", the KW logo and the word Germany were engraved on the top cover and the original eye-level viewfinder was replaced by a new type.

The SLR cameras of that period were equipped with manual preset lenses. The difficulty of focusing and subsequently adjusting the diaphragm to the desired value was one of the weak points of the reflex cameras. The Praktina has overcome this problem with the introduction of a mechanism, paced inside the camera body, which was activated by the shutter release button. This mechanism made the diaphragm closure automatic when coupled with the SB lenses designed by Carl Zeiss. The introduction of the diaphragm control mechanism took place at the beginning of 1953.

The presentation of the first generation of Praktina at the trade fair held in Leipzig from 30 August 1953 was preceded by the production of a limited number of cameras in order to test their reliability. These cameras have the name "Praktina FX" engraved on the front and small differences that vary from camera to camera according to the changes to the initial project that are gradually introduced.

Praktina FX No. 166 with Carl Zeiss Jena BV Tessar 3.5/50mm No.3574371.

This camera has the internal mechanism to close the diaphragm of SB lenses, no logo on the top, eye-level viewfinder and optical viewfinder with different look compared to the model FX-DS.



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